Products and Standards

We use the best products, the latest technology and we are environmentally sensitive.

All our services and management programs comply with the Australian (ISO) and Food Industry (HACCP) Safety Standards. We listen to our customers, provide options and tailor treatments for your pest problems.

Product Certificates

Listed below are the products we use, including their Safety Data Sheets (SDS), and Expiry Dates.

ProductDeclarationSafety Data SheetExpiry
AF Glue Pad For EphestiaSDSJuly 2023
BattleaxePROSDSNovember 2021
Biflex Aquamax InsecticideSDSAugust 2021
Biflex Ultra Low OdourSDSAugust 2021
Chaindrite Extra Strength Crawling Insect SpraySDSMarch 2022
Coopex Insecticidal Dusting PowderDeclarationSDSJune 2021
Crackdown Residual InsecticideSDSOctober 2021
Detex BloxSDSJanuary 2021
Ditrac All-Weather BloxDeclarationSDSDecember 2021
Maxforce Cockroach GelDeclarationSDSOctober 2021
Optiguard Ant Bait GelSDSNovember 2021
Racumin 8SDSJune 2021
Rudchem Py SpraySDSMay 2023
Talon Rodenticide PelletsSDSNovember 2021
TempoDeclarationSDSOctober 2021
Temprid InsecticideSDSOctober 2021
Trapper Glue BoardsSDSJanuary 2021

ISO 9001 Certificate

View and download the Certificate of Registration certifying that Corporate Pest Management operates a quality management system.

HACCP Australia Food Safety Certificate

View and download the Accreditation Certificate in accordance with the standards of the HACCP Based Food Safety Program.

Pest Sightings Form

Download the Pest Sightings Record Form.

Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance Certificates

You are welcome to download our Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance certificate, as well as our Workers Compensation Certificate of Currency (NSW).

Current insurance policy information is also listed on our Who We Are page.